Top Ten Tuesday: How am I doing on those bookish resolutions and goals?

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish but now it has moved to Jana's blog, That Artsy Reader Girl. I'm sad that The Broke and Bookish blog is shutting down but I'm glad that Top Ten Tuesday will continue. Since I already did a post about my reading... Continue Reading →



I wandered a lot as a child My house was a cold nightmare I waited for opportunities to escape And took them without hesitation I wandered the streets Bright lights and loud cars Drove me to a friendly street And a family restaurant Doors wide open and laughter pouring out When I walked in I... Continue Reading →

First Book Pile of 2018!

I've read four books and one manga volume since the beginning of January. Let's get into it. First I finished To Catch an Heiress by Julia Quinn. I chose this one for my 25 Romances goal (my post about my 2018 goals) and after I finished it I decided to count it for the Read... Continue Reading →

Murder and Drugs

His victim is praying to gods he's never heard of. A quick stab to the heart kills the victim like all the others. Now he can have his drugs. The killer puts his energy blade into a fire effect and enters the flashy bar. With a sigh he lights up a cigarette and the bartender... Continue Reading →

Gundam Seed Destiny Final Plus

Focusing on the differences... There's an added scene where Cagalli hugs Kira and Lacus goodbye. She hesitates in front of Athrun so he hugs her. This is encouraging. Athrun joins Kira on the bridge of the Messiah as it falls apart during the confrontation with the Chairman but to be honest he doesn't contribute much... Continue Reading →

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